Wedding ceremony in Kyoto To The Foreigner


To overseas customers

To overseas customers

Japanese traditional wedding

Congratulations. We prepare our people to receive the world to use a traditional Japanese wedding.
We take care of our customers and consulates of each country through already.
If you wish, please enter the E-mail.
The international staff will respond
Tourist plan is 200000JPY
The contents include a costume, beauty, hair and make-up, a pick-up service and picture taking+ photography data Japanese restaurant rickshaw tour and payment in a shinto shrine.Japanese shinto shrines and temples allow people of other religions to visit and hold weddings. It is also popular with overseas customers as a place where you can experience traditional Japanese culture and natural environment.


In front of our salon

The “KAKAMIBIRAKI” show, which is indispensable for celebrations in Japan, is ¥ 0-.

A rickshaw for a couple is ¥ 50000- per hour

The long-awaited “MAIKO” dance and game are 2 hours ¥ 100,000-


Our global coordinator Mariko Teranishi
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Japanese Shinto style of the customer in the foreign country is supported in 339.